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  • Pain

    Physical pain never really phased me. It comes and goes since I could remember and now with this concussion problem its with me every day. So I kinda get used to it.

    It’s not the physical pain that gets to me, its the mental tiredness that I struggle with. Day in and day out, I’m tired. I”m constantly overwhelmed with stuff to do but I can’t get enough time to do it because I’m so tired. I could sleep for days on end.

    My girlfriend hates it. But I can’t control it. Regardless of where I am, I could probably fall asleep. But when I do, I sleep terribly. I can’t sleep well. I have nightmares constantly about random shit. I wake up in a panic, in a sweat, in…I don’t even want to remember.

    I hate this. I hate everything that comes with it.

  • it’s been crazy busy and with this semester being my last, I think i’m a little overwhelmed of what could happen…might happen…in 4 months time.

    All of me hopes that I make it into the program, but then there is this little part of me that’s saying..its okay..slow down for a little bit. Life’s not giving your more chances than now to do what you want to experience. The world.

    Whatever the outcome may be, i don’t believe it as a bad sign.

  • So….I just applied for Graduation in February….

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